Tuesday, 27 September 2011


Brian here, no Aly today.
Allow me to set something straight. I think this whole blogging thing that a lot of people being stalked by Slenderman do is an unbelievably stupid idea. All it is doing is letting the enemy know what your doing at any given time. I'm only writing this because Aly told me to, and I would have felt guilty if I refused. This is probably not going to be very exciting to read, but then again I am not trying to entertain you. I am merely relaying information.

The last time you heard from us was about five days ago when Aly was whining about the tyre going flat, correct? As you should all know, I left Aly and Megan with the caravan while I walked back to the servo we had passed to try and find help. In hindsight I never should have left them, but at the time neither of us had any idea what was going to happen.

Aly said that less then a minute after she posted her last blog entry she heard a knocking at the door. Silly girl as she is, she never thought to look out the window first before opening the door. She says her assailant moved faster then she could see, and violently kneed her in the chest before she could react. While trying to get her breath back she looked up and saw Wheatley was the one who attacked her. He seemed to suddenly snap to attention and stare at the space behind Aly. She turned around to see Slenderman himself had materialised behind her and pulled away the curtains shielding Megan from view and (somehow) sliced through the ties holding her down. The moment she was free she leapt up and hugged him around the middle and yelling "DADDY!", and looking happier then she had ever looked in her entire life. The last thing Aly remembers is him turning to look at her, and then waking up in hospital this morning.

I returned later hitching a ride with a passing Trucker that was heading in the same direction. When we arrived we found that the caravan had been partially crushed, tipped upside down and set on fire with Aly lying unconscious at most a metre away from it. For some reason the car had been untouched. I piled her into the car and drove to the next town large enough to have a hospital. The doctors could not see any real reason why she refused to wake up. She only came to this morning, and she was so frantic to get out and try to track down Megan the doctors almost had to sedate her. Since then she has just stared silently out the window unless I ask her something, and even that only gets a one or two word response. About half an hour ago she came to life and told me what happened before practically ordering me to post it here. I still do not understand why it is so essential that random people over the Internet be told what happened, but it is obviously important to her.

Since the fire destroyed almost everything we owned, our current possessions include
-the $50 total money in both our wallets
-my phone
-the clothes we are wearing
-the packet of chips which were in the glove-box of the car
-her mask which was in the back seat of the car
-the car
-a spare tyre
-my rifle
-a cable tie
-and of course the charred remains and ash of everything else.

The doctors insisted that she stay here overnight to make sure that everything is okay. As soon as the doors open tomorrow morning we are leaving here as fast as we can.

Slenderman, for your own sake I highly suggest that you return Megan right now. Not because I'm going to shoot you, but because the next time Alyce sees you, she is going to strangle you with her bare hands.
Same goes for you, Wheatley.

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  1. I am so so so so so very sorry to read this. Every time you've mentioned your sister, I pictured my own, and now I am close to tears. Don't worry, you CAN get her back...I think. You have posted in almost 2 weeks, and I'm worried. We care. We need to know you're safe. You're not like M, who even though stops posting for months at a time, we barely worry cause he ALWAYS lives. You could die. And we would all consider our lives worse for it. Post soon, we miss you.