Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Oh hai gaiz

Silly Aly, will you ever learn to lock your laptop when you're out?
Wow, would never have taken you for having a blog.
WOAH you gave Dave the Bastard laxatives?!??!

Lololol what's all this Slenderman crap? Sister, I think we need to have a talk about what's real and what's just an internet thingy.
Ah well. Whatever keeps you entertained I guess. Btw, did you really think I wouldn't notice the GIGANTIC MASK poking out of your bag that you were obviously hoping I wouldn't see?
Your sneaksy-ness isn't as great as you think it is :/

k I'm bored so imma going to go back to James Bond now.
Have some spiderman!



  1. Oh you little...
    What have I said about hijacking my laptop?!

  2. ................crap
    Well YOU'RE the one who left it out in the open! It was BEGGING me to mess with it!
    How the did you you even see this???

  3. My iPhone, drongo. I stopped to get petrol and thought I'd see what was happening while I was waiting to pay.
    Off my computer. Now.

  4. But I'm booooooooooored! I've seen Die Another Day more times than I can count! I want to Youtube stuff!

  5. Hell no! You'll use up all my bandwidth! I'll be back in ten minutes at the most. I'm sure you can find something on TV that will keep you entertained until then.