Tuesday, 6 September 2011


Hello Internet! I'm back!

I apologise for Megan hijacking my laptop earlier. I hope she didn't go subscribing me to supermarket catalogues again...it took hours to clear my inbox last time. 
She did however change my background to a photo of her giving a thumbs up to the camera with the caption "U MAD SIS?" underneath it. 

But I digress. 
So yeah, I went back home again today to try and scavenge anything of use. I found the emergency money fairly quickly, so we now have an extra $2000 to our names. Should last us a while. I also went and collected things like batteries, a torch, long-lasting food like muesli bars and stuff, more clothes...stuff like that. 
...Then I realised I was effectively looting my (most likely) dead parents' house and proceeded to go throw up. 
Also there was this creeper standing on the neighbour's lawn across the street who was staring me and the house the entire time. No idea what his problem was. He probably lives there and was trying to work out if I was robbing the place. I will admit I probably did look pretty suspicious, what with me checking over my shoulder every 10 seconds and then leaving with a big garbage bag full of stuff. 
Well, if I get the police knocking on the door tonight I'll know why. 

So I'm guessing you've all read what Megan has written...do you see my problem? Either she knows what's happened but she's convinced herself it never happened as a way of coping with it, or she honestly has no idea and doesn't remember any of it. I tried explaining it was real when I got back, but she just laughed and said she was envious of my imagination before she went back to channel surfing and eventually falling asleep again. 
So frustrating. 
Any suggestions on how to get Megan to snap out of whatever she's in would be greatly appreciated. 

Night everyone~ 

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