Sunday, 11 December 2011


The title says it all.
Sorry if I repeat myself a lot or if the wording doesn't make sense, I don't have the time to go back over it.

We finally found Megan a few days after my last post. When we were searching Forbes we caught a glimpse of her just after sunset, standing at the edge of the grounds of the Catholic College that's there. She wasn't doing anything..just staring at the school. We immediately pulled over and leaped out. Not surprisingly, she saw us, turned and sprinted off.. I have no idea how long we pursued her for. It felt like forever at the time. Eventually we ended up following her into some park, no idea what it was called. After another minute or so Megs ran out of steam and collapsed. She's quite possibly the least fit person in Australia. Remember how I said we were looking for something that might help her? Well, that was a stuffed animal my parents got her for her 10th birthday, and it has a message from then recorded inside it. I won't type out what it's too personal. Since Slendy seems to have brainwashed her into thinking mum and dad didn't like her I was hoping it would do something to help reverse it. I don't know whether it did anything, because a millisecond after it finished Wheatley appeared the hell out of nowhere and shot Brian before either of us had a chance to react. Time seemed to stop. I honestly have no idea how long I stood there staring at his body in disbelief.
Wheatley made the mistake of laughing. That broke whatever was keeping my eyes glued on Brian and I launched myself at the proxy with every intention of pulling his head off.
Of course Slenderbastard had to step in and stop us from killing each other.

I woke up some time later that night in a completely different part of the park, alone with Wheatley and the abomination. Slendy, using Wheatley as its mouthpiece said that it was grateful for bringing Brian out here and getting him to lower his guard so one of its proxies could finally kill him. (Why did it just never do it itself?) and that as a reward it was willing to offer me a deal. It said that it was willing to let Megan go because apparently she's been next to useless, but in return I have to take her place.
My God this is sounding like the plot to a really terrible fanfic.
And in keeping with the terrible fanfic theme, I agreed. After telling Wheatley I'm going to kill him when I have the chance.

So...yeah. I guess that's it. I'll try to check on her whenever I have my mind to myself to make sure the abomination has truly freed her. She won't be the same as she was before, but at least she'll be free.

This will probably be the last time you'll hear from me. The longer that bastard is in contact with your mind the harder it is to remember who you are. Either you end up some soulless creature who is barely self aware or twisted into thinking what you're doing is right like Megan was. I'm guessing I'm the former.
 I'm pretty sure it's only letting me remember as much as I have so I could write this because it's getting some form of twisted amusement out of it.
Fuck I'm going again. I've taken too long writing this as it is, but I really have to say thank you. All of you for everything. I probably would have curled up in a ball and jsut cried if i thought i was alone and didnt know you suported me. You have no idae how much you all mean to me.Roy please pleasepleasepleaseplease try to save your freind. I saw that sick gaem that joker is playing on his blog and before i go i'm going to try and answer him seeing as you said if you were wrong you wanted someone else to try. I apologuse in advance if i'm wrong.

So once again farewell everoyne. Youve all been fantastic