Saturday, 22 October 2011


So God damn frustrated right now I think I'm going to end up spontaneously combusting.
Alright, I'm guessing I should probably start from when we went to search on Tuesday.
Roy, saying you're going somewhere and then actually going somewhere else is what smart people do. We're just your average pants-on-head retards here! HERP-A-DERP. Will definitely do that in the future though. Thanks for telling us :)

Since we were going into bushland that neither of us had ever explored before, we went out and bought a shitload of red string so we'd be able to leave a trail for us to follow back out to our car so we wouldn't end up trapped in there for the rest of time. Having no idea where the hell we were actually going, we just tied one end of the string to the car's side mirror, and then bravely ((stupidly)) set about aimlessly wandering the bush. As you can probably guess, we didn't find anything, and soon we ran out of string so we decided to go back and maybe try another day.
Unfortunately, Slendy decided to get his troll on.
After a while of following our trail, we realised that the bush was getting thicker rather than thinner. Smarter people would have gone "NOPE" and walked in the opposite direction, but like I said earlier we tend to carry the idiot ball quite a lot in dangerous situations. Eventually, the trail ended at a particularly tall paper-bark tree. Scanning it, we found a cartoony love heart and a downward pointing arrow drawn on one side in what I'm loathe to admit looked like dried blood. Brian stood guard while I foraged around in the leaf litter where the arrow was pointing until I eventually felt a small bit of cold metal.
It was my mother's wedding ring.
Like any normal person would, I immediately lost my shit. Seriously if Slendy or any of his proxies had been there, I would have probably ended up going Hulk Hogan on their arses.
It took a while for me to calm down enough to tell Brian what the bloody hell I was freaking out about, and by the time I was coherent enough to tell him, the sun was going down. Upon realising this, we both looked at each other and silently agreed it was time we got the fuck out of there. I don't know about you, but neither of us are too keen on spending the night in Slendy-infested bushland.
To anyone watching, it would have looked like we were running from a lion or something, with both of us crashing through the undergrowth hoping like mad we were going in the right direction, and not going to end up running into one of Slenderman's world famous hugs. Through some miricle we managed to get close enough to the highway that we could see headlights shining through the trees, and from there we managed to find our way back to the car.
Note to self, in the future, NEVER park a car under a tree full of lorikeets. It will be covered in bird crap when you get back.
I spent the rest of the night locked in the bathroom crying while Brian was doing...well whatever the hell he does when he's not scolding me. Probably watching Care Bears or something. I honestly would not be surprised if he watched something weird like that.

Ok, fastforward to last night when Megan left her little message. She...sounds different. I'm not sure what it is about her voice, but it's definitely changed. I'm starting to see what Roy and Brian have been saying about that just being her body...she's not there anymore. Well, she is. She's just buried under all of Slendy's bullshit. She's still there. I'll find a way to bring her back.
After that message and mother's ring, Brian's finally managed to convince me to stop chasing her around, hoping she'll magically get better as soon as we find her. As much as I hate to admit it, it's true that we're getting nowhere, and we're just going to get ourselves killed if we just keep blindly charging into obvious traps.
I've been thinking about various methods that might work to bring her back. I doubt they'll work, but all the same I don't want to say any of them online until they've been tested so they can't prepare to counteract it. The hardest part is to get the things we need we're going to have to leave. Like, we'll be a good 1000km away. I don't want to go. The last thing I want to do is leave her in bloody Victoria on her own, but I just can't see any other way.

And mother's ring....would it just be false hope to think there's a small chance mum and dad are still alive somewhere?

Roy, about your friend. I would be getting very, very nervous if I were you. Sure it might be nothing, but it's sounding waaaaaaaaay too familiar for me. I'm especially concerned about the memory loss...Sure the coughing has an equally likely chance of being because of his smoking, but even with all the ways smoking messes up your body I've never heard of it causing memory problems before....Keep talking to him, and if things get worse tell him to start running and never look back. As hard as it is just to let him go on his own, I wouldn't recommend going with him unless you end up being stalked as well. Trust me, running isn't a pleasant experience, and if you're "clean" so to speak, running with him is only going to put you in unnecessary danger.
Maybe try to convince him to stay in a really tall hotel building for a few days and see if that helps him at all, even if it's only temporary. to you guys again when I can find Internet.

Friday, 21 October 2011

What the...?

Where are you?? How did you access this?? Are you ok?? Were you there the other day??? Please just talk to me! We're trying to help you! I have no idea what that bastard's been telling you, but you've got it all wrong! Mum and Dad never had favourites!! Please just come back!!! Please come back!!  Everything will be ok!! Don't listen to him!! You would have to have been in a town somewhere to post that right? Just stay put! We'll come find you!

See you soon


Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Going bush

Found another Internet place! Yay! 

Alright, thought I'd better post this now so if we both end up dismembered you'll know why I've stopped posting. 
Simply asking around towns is getting us nowhere, so we're going to drive back to the place where Megan was taken and search the bush. 
I know, we're both incredibly stupid and possibly about to die. 
Still, there is a chance we may find something. And even if Mr. Slendy shows up, we'll just shoot the bastard. That's gotta at least slow him down for a second. 
So yeah. Thought you all would want to know. 

And Anonymous commenter on my last post, if that's you Wheatley, go fuck yourself. 
If not, um...have fun quoting Macbeth? 

Monday, 17 October 2011

On the road again

I’m back Internet! Finally found an internet cafĂ© so I could log in and update. Got this thing set on a timer so it will be posted a few hours after we leave this town. Try to track that, Wheatley.

Ok, first things first. What the hell, Brian? Why did you write that last post uber formal? You don’t have to write it like an English assignment you know. Dude you’re like the Aussiest Aussie I’ve ever met, it’s actually kinda creepy reading that thing you wrote. It just sounds….wrong coming from you.  Not saying I don’t appreciate you posting while I was…incapacited but it’s still creepy as hell.

No sign of Megan since that day. We’ve been travelling from town to town asking people if they’ve seen anyone of her description, but no luck.
I swear when I next see Slenderdick I’m going to tear off his tentacles and feed them to him. You hear that you wussy little Eldritch Abomination? Don’t get too attached to them.
To be honest, since she was taken nothing has happened to us.  We’ve been moving around every few days and working odd-jobs for petrol and food money, and we’ve seen neither hair nor tentacles of Slendy or any of his proxies. I’m starting to think he only wanted Megan from the start…now that he has her, he’s gone and moved on to stalk other victims. 

Slendy, do you really think if you just ignore us that we’ll go away? Or maybe you knew we’d still come after you, so you’ve just taken her first, and you’re using her to lure us to you?  Or maybe you you only really wanted her but because you’re a sadistic bastard you’re going to lead us in a vain goose chase all over the country?
God now I’m just giving myself a headache.
Well, Slendy does have a very minor case of serious brain damage, so I highly doubt he could think like that anyway.

…wait maybe antagonising that monster isn’t the smartest idea in the world. Oh well. What are the chances he’d ever see this. God I doubt he would be able to read, even if he had eyes.
Well my time’s almost up and the clerk-guy is giving me the evil eyes since he wants to close up shop and go home.

And Roy, just wanted to thank you for your kind comments :) They've really made my night.

Goodbye for now, Internet.