Tuesday, 27 September 2011


Brian here, no Aly today.
Allow me to set something straight. I think this whole blogging thing that a lot of people being stalked by Slenderman do is an unbelievably stupid idea. All it is doing is letting the enemy know what your doing at any given time. I'm only writing this because Aly told me to, and I would have felt guilty if I refused. This is probably not going to be very exciting to read, but then again I am not trying to entertain you. I am merely relaying information.

The last time you heard from us was about five days ago when Aly was whining about the tyre going flat, correct? As you should all know, I left Aly and Megan with the caravan while I walked back to the servo we had passed to try and find help. In hindsight I never should have left them, but at the time neither of us had any idea what was going to happen.

Aly said that less then a minute after she posted her last blog entry she heard a knocking at the door. Silly girl as she is, she never thought to look out the window first before opening the door. She says her assailant moved faster then she could see, and violently kneed her in the chest before she could react. While trying to get her breath back she looked up and saw Wheatley was the one who attacked her. He seemed to suddenly snap to attention and stare at the space behind Aly. She turned around to see Slenderman himself had materialised behind her and pulled away the curtains shielding Megan from view and (somehow) sliced through the ties holding her down. The moment she was free she leapt up and hugged him around the middle and yelling "DADDY!", and looking happier then she had ever looked in her entire life. The last thing Aly remembers is him turning to look at her, and then waking up in hospital this morning.

I returned later hitching a ride with a passing Trucker that was heading in the same direction. When we arrived we found that the caravan had been partially crushed, tipped upside down and set on fire with Aly lying unconscious at most a metre away from it. For some reason the car had been untouched. I piled her into the car and drove to the next town large enough to have a hospital. The doctors could not see any real reason why she refused to wake up. She only came to this morning, and she was so frantic to get out and try to track down Megan the doctors almost had to sedate her. Since then she has just stared silently out the window unless I ask her something, and even that only gets a one or two word response. About half an hour ago she came to life and told me what happened before practically ordering me to post it here. I still do not understand why it is so essential that random people over the Internet be told what happened, but it is obviously important to her.

Since the fire destroyed almost everything we owned, our current possessions include
-the $50 total money in both our wallets
-my phone
-the clothes we are wearing
-the packet of chips which were in the glove-box of the car
-her mask which was in the back seat of the car
-the car
-a spare tyre
-my rifle
-a cable tie
-and of course the charred remains and ash of everything else.

The doctors insisted that she stay here overnight to make sure that everything is okay. As soon as the doors open tomorrow morning we are leaving here as fast as we can.

Slenderman, for your own sake I highly suggest that you return Megan right now. Not because I'm going to shoot you, but because the next time Alyce sees you, she is going to strangle you with her bare hands.
Same goes for you, Wheatley.

Thursday, 22 September 2011


Well, this is great.
Guess what Internet? We've blown a tyre. Oh joy. No idea why. We must have run over a nail or something. And because we're absolute geniuses, we don't have a spare!
I'm lazy and don't want to leave Megan, (who is no longer laughing by the way. She's just giggling like a schoolgirl now) so I'm waiting in the caravan while Brian's walking back to the Shell servo we passed a few minutes ago to try and find a replacement.
Aaaaaand because it's coming back into summer it's bloody boiling in here.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Melbourne and laughter

Never thought I would put "Melbourne" and "laughter" in the same sentence.
No offence to anyone who lives in Melbourne. It's just every time I've been down there it's either been to visit a dying relative or to go to a funeral so it's always been depressing.
That and it's always either overcast or raining.
Today's not so bad though. There are some gaps in the clouds.

As you can probably gather from the title, we've been moving around the Melbourne area for a few days. Probably not the smartest idea in the world to post our position for all to see, but we left a few hours ago so it should be safe now.

To be honest not a lot has been happening. We've really just been hopping caravan parks around the place. There's not an awful lot to do in Melbourne from the inside of a caravan. Although, to be fair we could be in the middle of LA or something and still have nothing to do from in here.
Right, next time we stop for petrol or food or whatever, I am buying a pack of cards.

I was outside for more than five minutes today. We stayed in Werribee last night, so before we left this morning I went to go visit my grandparents' grave.  I wasn't really expecting  to gain anything from it....and it was probably a very silly idea (don't worry, Brian has already told me off for it), but this is the first time I've been back to Melbourne since Granny died (she was the 'close to the family' person I mentioned a few months ago)...I couldn't just leave without going and seeing them.
I didn't get to linger there for very long; about ten minutes after I arrived my Uncle walked in. Luckily my grandparents were buried in the Olive Grove part of the cemetery, and they're buried under a tree that I was able to quickly duck behind so he never managed to get a clear look at me while I walked out. He would have to know there's something wrong by now...he usually called mother almost every night. I can't tell him what happened without putting him in danger...but it still seems horribly unfair leaving him with no idea what happened.
If someone ever manages to kill that thing I'll tell him the truth. Sure I'll probably be declared insane, but he deserves to know.

So there's the 'Melbourne' part of this posting.
The 'laughter' is concerning Megan.
I try to talk to her everyday, but I guess I'm a pants-on-head-retard for never thinking to simply ask how she was feeling (thank you Jade Rabbit for suggesting it and reminding me). God I'm a terrible sibling.
Anyway I asked her about an hour ago, and she just started laughing. Like, full-on hysterical laugher. I'm guessing this is better then being totally catatonic, but it's actually creepier. She's still going now. I'm sort of hoping she'll tire herself out doing this so she can actually get some sleep for a change. Brian's threatening to gag her if she's still going when he goes to bed.
Still...I would really like to know what she's finding so amusing... should we be concerned?
Well I'm going to sign off now since it's my turn to make dinner. Campbell's tomato soup, yay!

Later, Internet


Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Outcome (part 2)

Oh whoops, Forgot all about this.
Can you really blame me though? I didn't even think it was possible, but things are twice as hectic now as they used to be. Thank god for Brian's caravan. I think we'd be pretty screwed without that.

Oh wait, I haven't told you guys about him yet have I. Alright, that's  where I cut off last time.
Well, I met him, what, must have been five days ago now when Wheatley still had Megan.
Ok, so mega early that morning I went and found the note opposite Hungry Jacks ((Translation: Wheatley, that means Burger King to you, apparently)).
Well, it was a bit bigger than just some note. It was a pretty heavy duty envelope to be honest. I'm actually really, really glad I was there that early, since I'm sure people would have thought I was part of a drug deal or something if they saw me.
If someone had come over to question me, I would just have had to sprint as far away as possible, since even though there weren't any drugs in there, there was a gun, and ordinary people aren't really supposed to have them.
So, yeah. I have a gun now. Cool. No idea how to fire the damn thing properly, but Brian said he'll teach me.
Sorry, sorry, getting off topic again. I do that a lot.

Ok, so this note told me to go over to Sumner Park and to kill some guy who was hanging out in one of the warehouses there.
Call me a wimp if you want, but I'm a Christian, and I'm really not comfortable with murdering someone. Even if it is to save a family member.
I know I've made death threats against Wheatley, but to be fair he's earned it. And technically I can say it's self-defence.
What choice did I have though. I went and drove over there, (having a quick laugh at some nervous looking guy quickly walking back from the brothel that's over there to his car), and arrived at the place this guy was supposed to be. I was planning to try and scare the guy and maybe provoke him into trying to attack me first so it wouldn't feel like plain old murder so much, so I donned my trippy mask before going inside.

The place was completely empty, apart from a lone caravan and a pretty beaten up looking car. Oddly enough, there was what sounded like some sort of Polka music drifting from one of its windows.
I crept up to the door and was just about to kick it open and jump in shouting random noises, but to my surprise it seemingly banged open on its own, and less than half a second later I had a hunting rifle aimed between my eyes.
"I've been watching you. You're far to nervous to be a proxy. Who put you up to this?" the man said.
"Um...I don't actually know...I just call him Wheatley..." I replied. I can't even begin to describe how weird this whole thing was. Have you ever had a relatively normal conversation when someone's aiming a gun at your head? It's really, really, really bizarre, and maybe even bordering on awkward.
He kicked the pistol out of my hand which was hanging limply at my side, then motioned for me to go in and sit down on one of the chairs opposite the door before retrieving the gun from the floor and sticking it in one of his coat pockets.
"Wheatley?" he asked,
"He's a proxy, but he acts just like this character from Portal 2 called Wheatley..." I said, still feeling awkward as hell.
Sitting down as well (but still keeping his rifle handy), he said "Oh wait, yeah I know the guy. Tries to make himself appear sophisticated but he's an utter moron. Brown hair, blue eyes"
I just nodded and then took my mask off. It seemed pretty silly to keep wearing it, and I highly doubt it would be able to block a rifle bullet fired at point-blank range.
He glanced at it, "Nice mask. So, who is he holding hostage to make you try and kill me?"
I awkwardly stared at my lap "Um...my younger sister."
He whistled. "Ah. I see your dilemma."
"Yeah," I said, "is it unfair to ask that you just shoot yourself so I can go tell Wheatley that I killed you so I can get her back?"
He just laughed "Just a tad, yes. Nah don't worry mate. I've been planning for a situation like this. I've got some fake blood in a draw somewhere around here. I'll just pour some over my front, keep it covered with my coat, and then you chase me out of here and shoot over my shoulder, I'll fall down, coat falls open, and any proxy watching will see the fake blood and thing you shot me. Then you go and drop my "body" off in the river. It's so murky anyone watching won't be able to see me swimming off. I'll go hide in the mangroves for an hour or so, you go get your sister back, and everyone's a winner."
I just blinked. How bored would he have had to have been one day to actually sit down and think that whole thing out? Good thing he did though.

I asked him what his story was, and if he had any idea why if Slendy's proxies wanted him dead so much, why did they send me to kill him instead of doing it themselves. Apparently he's been on the run for a good three years now. His friend, Dave started being stalked, and asked him for help. He didn't believe him at the time, but when he went over to his house one day to return a game he had borrowed, he found his friend pressed against the family room wall with TPF in full tentacle mode walking towards him. Brian did the only reasonable thing, and picked up the cricket bat leaning against the door and ran towards it screaming bloody murder. He swung at the thing, but it vanished.
They hitched up his Dave's caravan to his car and started running that very night.
He wouldn't go into details, but somewhere along the line he picked up his hunting rifle, and eventually ended up shooting a proxy that came after them. He said since then he must have killed at least half a dozen, until they eventually learned to stop coming after him. So now I knew why they sent me after him. Better to get the annoying nerd who might be a threat killed rather than one of their own.
I can't say I'm entirely comfortable with how nonchalant he appeared to be about shooting half a dozen people. Yes they were proxies..but they were still people!

They were left alone for a few months, and they started to think it was over, and they got lazy. One day, Brian went out by himself to get supplies rather than both of them leaving. When he got back, he found the inside of the caravan looking like a cyclone had passed through and messed everything up. He searched around the outside and eventually found a blood trail leading to bush behind the park. He followed it, and after some time found Dave's gutted body hanging from a tree by his own small intestine.

Cue awkward silence.

"Oh....I'm sorry for your loss..." I said.
He nodded "Yeah. So are we going to do this? I'm sure you're wanting to get your sister back."

The plan went perfectly. I've never fired a gun before though, so the shot that was supposed to just wizz over his shoulder actually ended up flying way over his head.
There may be a dead bird somewhere around there now.
So yeah, on the way to the river we exchanged phone numbers in case we needed to contact each other again, and then I rolled him off some run-down looking jetty down the side of an empty house and then left.
Anyone watching would have seen the occasional burst of bubbles making its way towards the mangroves and would have thought it was a fish.

And you all know what happens from here. I go get Megan, take her to a hotel, and then she tries to kill me.
That "other location" I mentioned is Brian's caravan. After Megan's episode I called him and convinced him to come get us, and we've been with him since.
Question, have any of you ever tried living with an imprisoned proxy?
Well...there's never a dull moment. That's all I'm going to say.
I'm hoping once they discover where we are and who we're with Brian's reputation will keep any would-be attackers away (I'm looking at you Wheatley!).

So yeah. That's everything.
I don't suppose anyone here knows how to 'cure' a proxy, do they? It would be really helpful right now.

Later, Internet

Saturday, 10 September 2011


I finally got Megan back about half an hour after my last post. But she's not...her..anymore.
That friggen bastard turned her into a proxy. She seemed fine when she came back...I just felt a tap on my shoulder and she was her usual self and seemed to have had no idea what had happened.
I went and got us a room for the night at a motor inn near the edge of town, and she still seemed fine.

Then she tried to kill me.

I was just about to climb in to bed when I heard her giggle behind me. I turned around and then spun away as she brought the lamp she was holding down where my head had been less then a second later. Still managed to clip me on the shoulder though.
I suppose this is one time I'm glad Megan doesn't exercise much; she has the physical strength of a lemur. It didn't take long to get her pinned to the ground, but then I realised I had no idea what to do next. She was making so much noise someone was bound to come investigate.
I still have no idea why, but after a minute she suddenly tensed and then fell unconscious for no apparent reason.
I don't know whether that was her trying to fight whatever was controlling her, or what. It was awfully bloody convenient though.

I loaded her into the back of my car and we've since moved to another location.
Alright, since it's now 1.18am and I haven't slept since she was taken, I am finding it extremely difficult to stay awake, and it's nigh impossible to concentrate on writing this, so I'm going to leave it here and finish it tomorrow.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Ok dude, I did what you told me, and I've been waiting here for the past three hours. WHERE THE HELL IS SHE?


That bastard. That friggen bastard. How the hell did he even do it. I was right next to her. RIGHT FRIGGEN NEXT TO HER. How the hell did he even pull that off without waking either of us?!

I have no idea what, but SOMETHING woke me up, and when I did Megan was gone, there was a note on her pillow, and my laptop was on and showing that something had been posted about an hour ago.

I am so god damn angry that I feel like I am about to explode.  I have never been so furious in my entire life. How the shit could I have let this happen?!?
Sorry, I'll try to stay on stay on topic rather than just raging.





"-Hello Alyce

Did you see my little message? I hope I didn't disturb your sleep.
Rest assured that your sister is safe...for the moment at least. 
I may consider returning her to you...but first you'll have to do something for me. 

Go to Queen Street Mall tomorrow and look under the bench directly across from Burger King.
You will find an envelope taped to the underside of the chair.
Follow the instructions within the letter, and then go and wait beside the 
ferris wheel at Southbank. 
If you've done as I have asked, your little sister  will be returned. 

I look forward to seeing you again. 
Your Creeper. "

Ok, "Mr. Creeper", when I catch you, before I kill you I am going to ridicule you for your handwriting. It's painfully obvious that you're trying to appear sophisticated...but it really isn't working dude. You're a bogan. Deal with it. 
And, seriously? There's no Burger King there! It's a Hungry Jacks you idiot! Wow, if you had paid the slightest bit of attention to the city at all you would know that.
Oh well. It's just another thing about you that I can laugh at. 
Wait....trying to look smart...but actually an utter moron....are you Wheatley? There. That's your new name. You are now officially Wheatley. 

Ok, I'll play along for now. Just thought it would be fair to warn you, the first opportunity I have I am going to rip your throat out and then feed it to you <3 
See you tomorrow, dear. 

Hello, children.

Oh you poor, forgetful children.
In the future, do remember to deadlock your door. You wouldn't want any...unwanted guests now, would you?
You know, you have the audacity to call yourself her protector, but so far you haven't been doing your job very well. You really should have moved hotels after you saw me watching you yesterday. I do like the name you gave me though..."Creeper"...it describes me pretty well.
I'll be taking this, seeing as you're apparently unfit to guard her. Depending on what you do next, you may see her again.

Farewell for now,
From your "Creeper".

Tuesday, 6 September 2011


Hello Internet! I'm back!

I apologise for Megan hijacking my laptop earlier. I hope she didn't go subscribing me to supermarket catalogues again...it took hours to clear my inbox last time. 
She did however change my background to a photo of her giving a thumbs up to the camera with the caption "U MAD SIS?" underneath it. 

But I digress. 
So yeah, I went back home again today to try and scavenge anything of use. I found the emergency money fairly quickly, so we now have an extra $2000 to our names. Should last us a while. I also went and collected things like batteries, a torch, long-lasting food like muesli bars and stuff, more clothes...stuff like that. 
...Then I realised I was effectively looting my (most likely) dead parents' house and proceeded to go throw up. 
Also there was this creeper standing on the neighbour's lawn across the street who was staring me and the house the entire time. No idea what his problem was. He probably lives there and was trying to work out if I was robbing the place. I will admit I probably did look pretty suspicious, what with me checking over my shoulder every 10 seconds and then leaving with a big garbage bag full of stuff. 
Well, if I get the police knocking on the door tonight I'll know why. 

So I'm guessing you've all read what Megan has written...do you see my problem? Either she knows what's happened but she's convinced herself it never happened as a way of coping with it, or she honestly has no idea and doesn't remember any of it. I tried explaining it was real when I got back, but she just laughed and said she was envious of my imagination before she went back to channel surfing and eventually falling asleep again. 
So frustrating. 
Any suggestions on how to get Megan to snap out of whatever she's in would be greatly appreciated. 

Night everyone~ 

Oh hai gaiz

Silly Aly, will you ever learn to lock your laptop when you're out?
Wow, would never have taken you for having a blog.
WOAH you gave Dave the Bastard laxatives?!??!

Lololol what's all this Slenderman crap? Sister, I think we need to have a talk about what's real and what's just an internet thingy.
Ah well. Whatever keeps you entertained I guess. Btw, did you really think I wouldn't notice the GIGANTIC MASK poking out of your bag that you were obviously hoping I wouldn't see?
Your sneaksy-ness isn't as great as you think it is :/

k I'm bored so imma going to go back to James Bond now.
Have some spiderman!



Morning, Internet

I've decided that I'm going to go back to the house and try to find anything that could be useful. There's a James Bond marathon on one of the hotel channels that should keep Megan entertained while I'm gone.

About her...I'm really, really really worried. She seems to think that mum and dad are on holiday in the Whitsundays and I'm just here to baby-sit her. About ten minutes ago she asked when the house was going to be done being fumigated so we could go home.

I don't know what to do. I'm scared of what telling her the truth might do...but on the other hand I can't just let her delude herself into thinking everything's normal. For the moment I haven't told her where I'm really going. She thinks I'm visiting a friend.

I have no idea. I'll decide what I'm going to do when I get back.
See you guys in a few hours I guess

Monday, 5 September 2011


Just checked into a new hotel. Probably unnecessary, but you can never be too careful.
Besides, the other place had terrible TV reception.

In other news, Megan has suddenly sprang to life. As in, rather than being almost totally catatonic earlier, she's bounced back to her usual hyperactive self.
It's not like I want her to stay the way she was, but bouncing back like this in a matter of hours is certainly...unnerving. She's acting like everything to do with Slendy never happened. I don't want to ask her about it in case it sends her back to the way she was this morning, but...

Oh well. I'm going to go eat. I can't think when I'm hungry.
Night, Internet

Still Alive

Morning Internet. So foul and fair a day I have not seen.
Ok I'll stop quoting Macbeth. It is true though. The sun is out, there's barely a cloud in the sky, the temperature is finally heating up, our parents were eaten by an Eldritch Abomination. 
You know, the usual. 
Neither of us have slept since we got here (well apart from Megan who passed out for an hour or so when we got here). She spent all of yesterday curled up in bed, and I blankly stared out the window at the city. 
I think I saw the Channel 9 traffic helicopter. 

Probably going to shift hotels at some stage today; I really don't want to stay in one place for to long. I wanted to leave this morning, but when I went to get Megan she was asleep for the first times since we left, and she needs the rest. Hell we both do.
I don't know if I should go back to the house...like there might be something that would be helpful like a torch, or band-aids or something in there, but still. I'm not sure it's safe to go back, and there's no way I would take Megan in there again, but I don't want to leave her on her own. 
That, and I don't think I'd be able to handle ransacking my own parents' house.

I had plenty of time yesterday to think about what happened with the mask. Is that really what got rid of him? Has there ever been any proof of masks working as a deterrent? 
Oh well, better safe than sorry. I've already decided I'm going to carry it around with me. Just in case. 
Heh. Maybe I'll record Skullkid's scream when he's bringing the moon down and blast that at him if we encounter him again. That should at least confuse him for a second. OH OH maybe Slendy's like a Redead, and if you play the sun's song it will paralyse him so I can go kick him in balls. Hard
Ok, if I'm ever in a situation where I'm going to die anyway, I am so trying that.

So, yeah. Just thought I'd better post something so you knew we were still alive down here. 


Saturday, 3 September 2011

it's finally sunk in


Alright, let’s have another go at this.
I honestly have no idea how I’m still able to put together a coherent sentence. I guess I’m still in some state of disbelief and nothing has fully sunk in yet. As soon as I post this I’m half expecting that I’ll just shut down.
Ok, where to begin.
Well, I arrived at my parents’ house quite some time ago now. I thought I’d try and freak them out, so I had brought along my Majora’s mask and donned it before I knocked on the front door. It just swung open, so I figured they had left it unlocked for me. I crept in, planning to jump out from around a corner and startle them as soon as I found them.  I carefully navigated my way throughout the house, but found nobody. I paused for a moment, trying to think of why my parents would leave the house empty without locking the door, when I thought I heard the faint, sound of muffled crying. Have you ever had that feeling when you’re playing a horror game, and you know there’s going to be something frightening either behind you any moment, or beyond one of the next doors you open? That feeling washed over me as I slowly moved towards the small bathroom where the sound was coming from. It felt like I was standing in front of that door for an age before I was brave enough to open it. I slowly opened the door, and to my relief I found Megan curled up on the floor. I dropped to my knees and tried asking what was wrong, but she ignored me. I’m not even sure if she could hear me. I was at a complete loss for what to do. I just kneeled there, awkwardly rubbing her shoulder while trying to figure out where the hell mum and dad were. Suddenly, Megan tensed, and jerked upright, staring past me towards the door with the most terrified expression I have ever seen on her face. I jumped up and spun around, only to end up staring directly at the chest area of an unusually tall man. I knew what it was instantly…although I didn’t want to believe it. As much as I told myself “it’s not real, I’m going to look up and see an ordinary human”, it did nothing. I tilted my head upwards and ended up gazing into the face (or lack thereof) of the Slender Man himself. What are you supposed to do when you are confronted with something like that? Normally, you would probably shriek like a little girl and run for the hills. Hell, there was nothing I wanted to do more at that point, but I couldn’t just abandon Megan. What else could I do turn myself into a barrier between him and her and try to make myself look as large and threatening as possible. I stared up into where his eyes would be if he had any, and I must have been high off adrenaline or something, because I curled my fingers into miniature claws and said in the iciest tone of voice I have ever managed, “Go on then, attack. I dare you”.  In hindsight, daring Slender Man to attack you is probably the absolute worst thing you can do. I think the only reason we’re still alive is because he must have been as shocked as I was by my reaction. There was nothing to stop him from killing us right then and there, but for some reason he didn’t. Thinking back now, it was probably a good thing the thought never occurred to me to remove my mask while I was searching around the house, or trying to comfort Megan. If any of you have ever Majora’s mask, it is a seriously trippy looking thing. A few of my friends are actually scared by it. I’m not sure whether he was intimidated by my mask, or whether he got bored, or what, but after having what was by far the most intense staring contest of my life, he sort of glided back down the corridor and vanished.
I turned back to Megan and helped her stand up. She just stood there, blankly staring towards where that thing had vanished. I gently asked her where our parents where, and even though I already knew the answer, I had to hear it from someone else before I could actually believe it. 
“Gone”. She answered hollowly.
Maybe it was a blessing that my emotions have been seemingly put on hold since he vanished. There’s no way I would have been able to get the both of us out of there if that had sunk in as soon as I heard. I know when I wake up tomorrow it will probably hit me, but for whatever reason I seem to have gone numb for now.
I didn’t waste any more time after she answered. I went and threw a couple of changes of clothes into an overnight bag for Megan, and then led her out to my car before leaving. We’re staying in one of the upper floors of a hotel for tonight. Megs passed out pretty much as we walked in the door. I think the adrenaline has finally worn off, so I’m probably not going to be able to stay awake much longer myself.
So…yes. That was my day. 
I..i dont know what to...
Sorry I'm going to need a minute to get my thoughts into something intelligible

Thursday, 1 September 2011


Aaaaaaaaaaalrighty. I'm going to be down visiting my parents for the next few days, so unless anything exceptionally interesting happens, don't expect any updates from me until I'm back.
Nighty night world~