Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Melbourne and laughter

Never thought I would put "Melbourne" and "laughter" in the same sentence.
No offence to anyone who lives in Melbourne. It's just every time I've been down there it's either been to visit a dying relative or to go to a funeral so it's always been depressing.
That and it's always either overcast or raining.
Today's not so bad though. There are some gaps in the clouds.

As you can probably gather from the title, we've been moving around the Melbourne area for a few days. Probably not the smartest idea in the world to post our position for all to see, but we left a few hours ago so it should be safe now.

To be honest not a lot has been happening. We've really just been hopping caravan parks around the place. There's not an awful lot to do in Melbourne from the inside of a caravan. Although, to be fair we could be in the middle of LA or something and still have nothing to do from in here.
Right, next time we stop for petrol or food or whatever, I am buying a pack of cards.

I was outside for more than five minutes today. We stayed in Werribee last night, so before we left this morning I went to go visit my grandparents' grave.  I wasn't really expecting  to gain anything from it....and it was probably a very silly idea (don't worry, Brian has already told me off for it), but this is the first time I've been back to Melbourne since Granny died (she was the 'close to the family' person I mentioned a few months ago)...I couldn't just leave without going and seeing them.
I didn't get to linger there for very long; about ten minutes after I arrived my Uncle walked in. Luckily my grandparents were buried in the Olive Grove part of the cemetery, and they're buried under a tree that I was able to quickly duck behind so he never managed to get a clear look at me while I walked out. He would have to know there's something wrong by now...he usually called mother almost every night. I can't tell him what happened without putting him in danger...but it still seems horribly unfair leaving him with no idea what happened.
If someone ever manages to kill that thing I'll tell him the truth. Sure I'll probably be declared insane, but he deserves to know.

So there's the 'Melbourne' part of this posting.
The 'laughter' is concerning Megan.
I try to talk to her everyday, but I guess I'm a pants-on-head-retard for never thinking to simply ask how she was feeling (thank you Jade Rabbit for suggesting it and reminding me). God I'm a terrible sibling.
Anyway I asked her about an hour ago, and she just started laughing. Like, full-on hysterical laugher. I'm guessing this is better then being totally catatonic, but it's actually creepier. She's still going now. I'm sort of hoping she'll tire herself out doing this so she can actually get some sleep for a change. Brian's threatening to gag her if she's still going when he goes to bed.
Still...I would really like to know what she's finding so amusing... should we be concerned?
Well I'm going to sign off now since it's my turn to make dinner. Campbell's tomato soup, yay!

Later, Internet



  1. Oy mate! go down to the Billabong and get a Bunyip to give ol Slendy a bloody good beating!