Saturday, 3 September 2011


Alright, let’s have another go at this.
I honestly have no idea how I’m still able to put together a coherent sentence. I guess I’m still in some state of disbelief and nothing has fully sunk in yet. As soon as I post this I’m half expecting that I’ll just shut down.
Ok, where to begin.
Well, I arrived at my parents’ house quite some time ago now. I thought I’d try and freak them out, so I had brought along my Majora’s mask and donned it before I knocked on the front door. It just swung open, so I figured they had left it unlocked for me. I crept in, planning to jump out from around a corner and startle them as soon as I found them.  I carefully navigated my way throughout the house, but found nobody. I paused for a moment, trying to think of why my parents would leave the house empty without locking the door, when I thought I heard the faint, sound of muffled crying. Have you ever had that feeling when you’re playing a horror game, and you know there’s going to be something frightening either behind you any moment, or beyond one of the next doors you open? That feeling washed over me as I slowly moved towards the small bathroom where the sound was coming from. It felt like I was standing in front of that door for an age before I was brave enough to open it. I slowly opened the door, and to my relief I found Megan curled up on the floor. I dropped to my knees and tried asking what was wrong, but she ignored me. I’m not even sure if she could hear me. I was at a complete loss for what to do. I just kneeled there, awkwardly rubbing her shoulder while trying to figure out where the hell mum and dad were. Suddenly, Megan tensed, and jerked upright, staring past me towards the door with the most terrified expression I have ever seen on her face. I jumped up and spun around, only to end up staring directly at the chest area of an unusually tall man. I knew what it was instantly…although I didn’t want to believe it. As much as I told myself “it’s not real, I’m going to look up and see an ordinary human”, it did nothing. I tilted my head upwards and ended up gazing into the face (or lack thereof) of the Slender Man himself. What are you supposed to do when you are confronted with something like that? Normally, you would probably shriek like a little girl and run for the hills. Hell, there was nothing I wanted to do more at that point, but I couldn’t just abandon Megan. What else could I do turn myself into a barrier between him and her and try to make myself look as large and threatening as possible. I stared up into where his eyes would be if he had any, and I must have been high off adrenaline or something, because I curled my fingers into miniature claws and said in the iciest tone of voice I have ever managed, “Go on then, attack. I dare you”.  In hindsight, daring Slender Man to attack you is probably the absolute worst thing you can do. I think the only reason we’re still alive is because he must have been as shocked as I was by my reaction. There was nothing to stop him from killing us right then and there, but for some reason he didn’t. Thinking back now, it was probably a good thing the thought never occurred to me to remove my mask while I was searching around the house, or trying to comfort Megan. If any of you have ever Majora’s mask, it is a seriously trippy looking thing. A few of my friends are actually scared by it. I’m not sure whether he was intimidated by my mask, or whether he got bored, or what, but after having what was by far the most intense staring contest of my life, he sort of glided back down the corridor and vanished.
I turned back to Megan and helped her stand up. She just stood there, blankly staring towards where that thing had vanished. I gently asked her where our parents where, and even though I already knew the answer, I had to hear it from someone else before I could actually believe it. 
“Gone”. She answered hollowly.
Maybe it was a blessing that my emotions have been seemingly put on hold since he vanished. There’s no way I would have been able to get the both of us out of there if that had sunk in as soon as I heard. I know when I wake up tomorrow it will probably hit me, but for whatever reason I seem to have gone numb for now.
I didn’t waste any more time after she answered. I went and threw a couple of changes of clothes into an overnight bag for Megan, and then led her out to my car before leaving. We’re staying in one of the upper floors of a hotel for tonight. Megs passed out pretty much as we walked in the door. I think the adrenaline has finally worn off, so I’m probably not going to be able to stay awake much longer myself.
So…yes. That was my day. 

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