Thursday, 8 September 2011


That bastard. That friggen bastard. How the hell did he even do it. I was right next to her. RIGHT FRIGGEN NEXT TO HER. How the hell did he even pull that off without waking either of us?!

I have no idea what, but SOMETHING woke me up, and when I did Megan was gone, there was a note on her pillow, and my laptop was on and showing that something had been posted about an hour ago.

I am so god damn angry that I feel like I am about to explode.  I have never been so furious in my entire life. How the shit could I have let this happen?!?
Sorry, I'll try to stay on stay on topic rather than just raging.





"-Hello Alyce

Did you see my little message? I hope I didn't disturb your sleep.
Rest assured that your sister is safe...for the moment at least. 
I may consider returning her to you...but first you'll have to do something for me. 

Go to Queen Street Mall tomorrow and look under the bench directly across from Burger King.
You will find an envelope taped to the underside of the chair.
Follow the instructions within the letter, and then go and wait beside the 
ferris wheel at Southbank. 
If you've done as I have asked, your little sister  will be returned. 

I look forward to seeing you again. 
Your Creeper. "

Ok, "Mr. Creeper", when I catch you, before I kill you I am going to ridicule you for your handwriting. It's painfully obvious that you're trying to appear sophisticated...but it really isn't working dude. You're a bogan. Deal with it. 
And, seriously? There's no Burger King there! It's a Hungry Jacks you idiot! Wow, if you had paid the slightest bit of attention to the city at all you would know that.
Oh well. It's just another thing about you that I can laugh at. 
Wait....trying to look smart...but actually an utter moron....are you Wheatley? There. That's your new name. You are now officially Wheatley. 

Ok, I'll play along for now. Just thought it would be fair to warn you, the first opportunity I have I am going to rip your throat out and then feed it to you <3 
See you tomorrow, dear. 


  1. Sorry about my rudeness before, but I need to point this out: Burger King and Hungry Jacks are the same, just a different name entirley in Australia due to legal reasons.

  2. Heh, maybe Wheatley's American!
    I never really got out much so I never paid much attention to it.

  3. Ah, that must be it.
    Fair enough. If its any consolation, you're an awesome person who doesn't get out much. Make sure to kick Slendy and Wheatley's asses, k?

  4. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat they changed the name of Burger King to Hungry Jack's in Australia?
    What's the mascot? it's hard to imagine Burger King having any other mascot than that disturbing King.

    Also Creeper (I refuse to call him Wheatley, it's an insult to the character! also the comparison is kind of forced, Wheatley is actually funny! also Wheatley has an accent.) needs to learn about Restaurants! even in America they can have different names in different areas of the country! for example a fast food restaurant called Carls Jr. is called Hardees in certain states (Not sure how many.)