Monday, 17 October 2011

On the road again

I’m back Internet! Finally found an internet café so I could log in and update. Got this thing set on a timer so it will be posted a few hours after we leave this town. Try to track that, Wheatley.

Ok, first things first. What the hell, Brian? Why did you write that last post uber formal? You don’t have to write it like an English assignment you know. Dude you’re like the Aussiest Aussie I’ve ever met, it’s actually kinda creepy reading that thing you wrote. It just sounds….wrong coming from you.  Not saying I don’t appreciate you posting while I was…incapacited but it’s still creepy as hell.

No sign of Megan since that day. We’ve been travelling from town to town asking people if they’ve seen anyone of her description, but no luck.
I swear when I next see Slenderdick I’m going to tear off his tentacles and feed them to him. You hear that you wussy little Eldritch Abomination? Don’t get too attached to them.
To be honest, since she was taken nothing has happened to us.  We’ve been moving around every few days and working odd-jobs for petrol and food money, and we’ve seen neither hair nor tentacles of Slendy or any of his proxies. I’m starting to think he only wanted Megan from the start…now that he has her, he’s gone and moved on to stalk other victims. 

Slendy, do you really think if you just ignore us that we’ll go away? Or maybe you knew we’d still come after you, so you’ve just taken her first, and you’re using her to lure us to you?  Or maybe you you only really wanted her but because you’re a sadistic bastard you’re going to lead us in a vain goose chase all over the country?
God now I’m just giving myself a headache.
Well, Slendy does have a very minor case of serious brain damage, so I highly doubt he could think like that anyway.

…wait maybe antagonising that monster isn’t the smartest idea in the world. Oh well. What are the chances he’d ever see this. God I doubt he would be able to read, even if he had eyes.
Well my time’s almost up and the clerk-guy is giving me the evil eyes since he wants to close up shop and go home.

And Roy, just wanted to thank you for your kind comments :) They've really made my night.

Goodbye for now, Internet.


  1. By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes

    1. Gee wiz Creeper you sure are hilarious! you're lucky you haven't died yet being so stupid and living in Australia which is basically the continent that is more dangerous than any other on earth, I can imagine you getting bit on the thumb by one of those almost insta kill Spiders and saying that.

  2. It's no problem. I hope nothing bad happens, and BTW I' guessing that "Anonymous" is Wheatley, meaning you may have some trouble coming soon. Tell Brian to pull that stick out of his ass, and when you find Megan, proxy or not, never forget that you love her. Ever. Laters.

  3. What do you do if you know you are being stalked, by an indescribable horror that has killed 100% of the people who have ever met it, have blogged about it, or have ever tried to confront it?

    Make a lighthearted blog about it! life is all just a big joke, make sure to use as many pop culture references as possible! it's not like you are in any danger or anything right? it's not like he could appear any time you are sleeping no matter where you are on earth and kill you at any time right?


    Yeah have fun with that.

    Yes I know it's just another creepypasta, but good grief does it get annoying after reading so many of these that people talk about physically harming Slender Man as if physical harm actually has any meaning to him! and then in this one she just jokes about everything like I said, it's ok to try something different, but it's less funny and more annoying that you never take anything seriously.