Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Going bush

Found another Internet place! Yay! 

Alright, thought I'd better post this now so if we both end up dismembered you'll know why I've stopped posting. 
Simply asking around towns is getting us nowhere, so we're going to drive back to the place where Megan was taken and search the bush. 
I know, we're both incredibly stupid and possibly about to die. 
Still, there is a chance we may find something. And even if Mr. Slendy shows up, we'll just shoot the bastard. That's gotta at least slow him down for a second. 
So yeah. Thought you all would want to know. 

And Anonymous commenter on my last post, if that's you Wheatley, go fuck yourself. 
If not, um...have fun quoting Macbeth? 


  1. Aly, be careful. If that quote was Wheatley, he's probably reading your blog, and therefore knows where you're heading. I suggest you say one location one the blog, and head ANYWHERE ELSE.


    Which you may be doing, making my comment inane and dumb. Fuck me. Oh well. God's speed Aly, and fuck you Wheatley.

  2. Sorry for a double post Aly...but I need advice. My friend hasn't told me yet, but he's started a blog. And reading it now...it seems...slenderish. What's your opinion? I'm scared for his safety.http://tootiredtobeafraid.blogspot.com/