Friday, 15 July 2011

Nostalgia Critic

Oh god...can't...breathe. Ribs hurt....from laughing...too much.

Holy crap. This may be the funniest thing I have seen this year, or indeed EVER.
What is it that has amused me so? 
I'll start from the beginning.
So I was casually browsing ThatGuyWithTheGlasses and was sifting through Nostalgia Critic's videos in search of lulz.
Hoooo boy did I find them.
I finally decided to watch his review of "The Room" since the title interested me, and I discovered what is possibly the greatest so-bad-it's-good film of all time.
When I had recovered from watching the review, I immediately went and downloaded the entire movie to watch (yes I'm a pirate on occasion. Sue me.) 
If anyone is actually reading this, I urge you to watch it. It will be the best thing you have seen all year.

Nostalgia Critic's review here.

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