Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Naptimes and Hackers

Today was more of a "meh" day than anything else. Someone at work had turned the heating up really high, and someone at a table was reading Shakespeare.
You have no idea how hard it is to stay awake under those circumstances.
Oh well, nothing like being jabbed in the kidneys by a coworker's fork to wake you up again.

In other news, Lulzsec hacked the Sun's website. Well done good sirs/madams! We salute you!

In other-other news, I'm convinced my dog thinks she's a ninja. About half an hour ago the door blew open and she snuck outside. Went outside and started calling for her with no success. I came back inside and stuck my head out the back door to see if she was just locked out there. I heard the sound of claws in tiles and turned around to see her trotting from the still open door and down the hallway. I called her again, but she ignored me until she was out of site, and then turned around and stuck her head back around the corner as if to say "What? I've been here the entire time!"
And now she's nudging my leg and demanding to be fed.

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