Sunday, 24 July 2011

Boys and Icing

I just devoured at least a cup of chocolate icing.
My God I'm going to be a whale by this time next year.

And I finally cornered Megan over Skype and managed to get her to tell me what's bothering her. It's boy trouble. Can't say I'm surprised. She's never had a boy interested in her before (not because she's ugly or anything, she just comes across as scary to people who don't know her well), so of course she's going to be nervous. She got all shy about it and wouldn't tell me much, but I did manage to figure out who it is. She said that he doesn't talk much and likes wearing suits. The only boy we know who's like that is a guy called John. Whenever he's not in school he wears suits. I don't know what is fascination with them is, but you almost never see him in normal clothing. He even does his shopping in suits!
Ah well. It's good to know it's nothing too serious in any case.

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