Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Probably not going to work...

 Yes Brian, I know this is incredibly stupid, but your phone's saying it's been disconnected so this is the only way I can think of contacting you. Are you ok?? What the bloody hell happened?!
On the off-chance that you do see this, mind coming and getting me?
 I'm in the Uptown Internet Cafe in Port Douglas. Don't ask me how I got up here; I haven't got a bloody clue. And yes I know saying my exact location is the absolute worst thing I could do, but I'm out of options.


  1. Good thing you haven't changed your password yet mate.
    How the hell did you end up in Port bloody Douglas? I was only moved to Mount Tamborine.
    Yeah sorry about my phone. It's gone flat for some reason.
    Hey...Aly? Have you noticed the date at all?

  2. Haha! told you being lazy was a good thing! So glad to hear you're ok.
    I wasn't here originally...I woke up this morning in the Daintree. I'm just as confused as you are. Luckily I wasn't that far from one of the nature-trail-things so I found my way out alright. Someone was even nice enough to give me a ride back here.
    And what about the date? It's the 28th isn't it?
    What the hell? Why is it November??

  3. Slenderbitch timewarped us. Brilliant.
    Just sit tight, I'll get back to the car...somehow..and come get you. Just stick with crowds ok? Should be harder for that dick to target you.

  4. Haha, which dick? There's a few. You gotta be way more specific.
    Dun worry. I'll go hit up the clubs tonight to stick with the crowds. Also a chance to show off my sweet moves. Maybe I'll hook up with someone nice :P

  5. Dammit woman, just keep your hormones under control for one bloody night!
    ...or at least until I get there.

  6. Oh god. I was laughing so much that actually made me choke on my on saliva and sent me into a coughing fit. Oh god my stomach hurts XD
    I'll try dear, not making any promises! You'll just have to get here fast enough ;D

  7. Have a XXXXgold waiting for me. I'm on my way.

  8. Wow, that's where you were! Damn, sucks you both got timewarped. (It's just a jump to the left!) Aly, be careful. Brian, hurry the fuck up. Without you, Aly isn't safe. Well, isn't AS safe, but you get my point. If something happens to here Brian...I'll be cross with you. I may even save up for a plane ticket so I can yell and rage at you in person.

    Woah. Got that out of my system. At least you're alive. You have no clue how worried I was when you don't post for over a week. Okay, I'm done being worried for today. On a lighter note, I wish I was at the club you are, and I envy whoever you meet tonight. Have fun. You deserve it. Also, you do know posting your location on the INTERNET may not be the safest thing in the world, even if you weren't being stalked by a supernatural stick. That's as far as my advice goes, I don't have much experience with running from gentleman elder gods. Try contacting Shaun from Testing 1,2,3. He knows quite a bit, and can probably be infinitely more helpful than me. Stay safe. Laters.