Thursday, 4 August 2011

Unexpected Turn of Events 
Well, Megan's been found. The weird thing? She was asleep on my couch when I got home. 
Neither of us know how the  hell she got there. Firstly, I live a good hundred kilometers away from her and our parents. She can't drive, and she has the worst sense of direction in the world, so if she tried to walk it she would have just ended up getting lost. Secondly, in her mind, she went to simply went to sleep in her bed and then woke up on my chair. It took a while to convince her she's been gone for a week. 
Apart from some marks that appear to be a really bad case of sunburn or something on her arm, she's physically fine. She's still pretty shaken up, but you would be too if you woke up and discovered a week of your life had vanished, and that you had somehow teleported between cities. 
So, yeah. Crisis over I guess, but we'd still like to know how the hell she got here. 

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