Friday, 19 August 2011

Bargearse and QCS

Hello again, internet.
Righto, first order of business, this here is one of the original Abridged series-es, and by God it's one of the funniest things ever created by man. It was made by the D-Generation in the early 90's, and it's about a cop called Bargearse. If you're in need of a laugh, I highly recommend it. First episode is here.

Unfortunately, it's not all good news today. Today I received a rather...well...hysterical call from Megan.
I'll try to remember it as best I can.
Me: *picks up phone*
Megan: ALY! Oh god...*sobbing*
Me: Woah woah woah, Megs, what's wrong?
Megan: I-I'm sorry...give me a minute.
Mel: It's ok, I'm not going anywhere.
-Silence for the next minute or so as she managed to compose herself-
Megan: Ok, know how we...we have  to do practice things for QCS at school? ((In case you didn't know, the QCS test is the test that most hight school students in Australia have to take in Year 12 if they want to go to University after school))
Me: Yeah, they were an absolute pain. What about it?
Megan: During SEL today we had the head of Humanities come in and talk to us about how we could better respond to the writing task..and as part of that she handed out stimulus booklets from previous years' tests and told us to come up with as many ideas as possible...and...and...I checked, I was the only one to get THAT particular booklet.
Me: What was wrong with it?
Megan: I...I..*her breathing starts to speed up again*. I opened up the first page...and HE was staring right at me
Me: What? Who?
Megan: I'll...I'll text the photo I took to you. *few seconds of silence as she tries to calm herself down* I'm sorry... I'm sure I'm annoying you.
Me: No, no, no it's ok! I don't mind!
Megan: Sure?
Me: Positive
Megan: Well, I'm going to go to to you later
Me: Alright. Have a good sleep!
Megan: Hopefully. Good night. *she hangs up*

About five minutes later, this image arrived on my phone.

This has got to be one of the biggest coincidences I have ever seen.
No wonder Megan is so freaked out. I know if I opened my book and saw that thing staring at me, I'd probably scream like a five year old.
Who the hell even thought this would be a good idea? It just acts as High Octane Nightmare Fuel!

Well, that's all from me for tonight.
Have a good sleep everyone,

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